Lame Ducks

by isaac black

I published a novella, Lame Ducks at Smashwords:

My understanding is that it will soon be available at Amazon, iTunes, and other ebook retailers. I think it’s $0.99 at Smashwords, though I tried to set it to a name your price scheme. Maybe I’ll figure that out eventually.

This is the description I wrote for it:

Lame Ducks is a meditative noir about two inhabitants of Los Angeles who form a bond in the midst of political intrigue. Simon Johns is a reporter for a newspaper whose publisher is in cahoots with the corrupt Speaker of California’s State Assembly, and Casper Benton is the reclusive scion of a tabloid-magnet Hollywood family. The speaker is trying to privatize the state’s water supply and has the opposition party governor cornered without the option of a veto. Despite the different social strata the two protagonists inhabit, chance (and their shared feelings of alienation and ennui) brings them together to plot against the speaker and his powerful cronies. As their camaraderie builds, so does the tension in this atmospheric thriller.

Read it, let me know what you think.Image