by isaac black

The system hasn’t changed yet because it’s working as designed. One million black people are in prison. They are incarcerated at around six times the rate of white people. Philando Castile, murdered by a police officer during a routine traffic stop, had been pulled over 31 times since 2002. I’m a white man, and the last time I was pulled over was about eight years ago when I was going fifteen over the speed limit. The officer approached with a smile and let me go with a warning. The police and the prisons are instruments of white supremacy. Maybe you think it’s unfortunate that black men regularly have to lose their lives at the hands of police officers. But if you support the racist war on drugs and a heavily armed police force that mainly exists to protect property and issue fines you are accepting the disproportionate loss of black lives as a consequence. If you persist in believing that black people engage in more crime than white people, or that it’s some individual moral failing that causes black neighborhoods to decay under the weight of poverty and unemployment instead of the centuries-long plunder committed against them, if you view black adults as disobedient children, then you believe that the black population is a problem to be solved, to be kept under control, and you are accepting the loss of innocent black lives as a necessary cost of doing so. If you accept this then you also accept that the USA is a police state, that ideas like justice and freedom are still just ideas, and that you’re content to benefit from a system in which your quality of life is better because people of color are singled out and terrorized.